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Empower Your Mission

Empower Your Mission

The Solar Legacy will Benefit Your Mission

A solar PV system brings added value to your non-profit mission.

Every month you will have more cash to allot towards operating expenses and mission fulfillment.

Level energy costs help make your monthly spending go further, without the worry about yearly utility rate increases.

We are proud to be part of the financial solution to keeping your mission strong.

Maintenance is covered for 20 years leaving you with the freedom to focus on the savings. Solar does require inspection from time-to-time for optimum performance. Monitoring is included and will report back if anything is out of the ordinary.

The Solar Legacy PPA is a 20-year term and the cumulative savings over that period will transform your mission. Most organizations will not be required to make a first payment on the PPA until year 3.

Zero cash up-front gives you the freedom to start enjoying the savings fast including a dramatically lower monthly utility bill. The PPA includes all system design, engineering, installation, and permitting costs.

A guaranteed level cost of energy protects you from future utility rate increases. You can easily forecast your energy cost easily and balance your budget like never before.

Your PPA agreement includes a production guarantee that provides added security to your bottom line. Your costs from year to year will be stable.

Remember: Send us your energy data first!

Knowing your energy needs is critical to estimating your savings with solar and your financing. Use this safe, utility approved link and let’s get started!

How do you calculate my savings with The Solar Legacy?

By analyzing your energy usage history, the utility rate plan you are currently on, the rate you will switch to post-solar and the amount of energy your solar system will produce, our modeling software provides an annual savings $ amount. This amount is an estimate- variables such as weather, increased energy usage and utility rate changes could cause it to vary.

What is the difference between kW (Kilowatt) and kWh (Kilowatt Hour)?

kW (kilowatts) is the amount of electricity your facility needs from the utility company at any one point in time. It’s the capacity the utility knows to make available to you based on your history. If your rate includes “demand charges”, it is based on the maximum amount of kW you need in any time during a month. The capacity (size) of your solar equipment is also measured in kW. For example, you may see a project described as “120.5 kW DC”.

kWh (kilowatt hours) is a measure of your actual usage and is what your general energy charges are based upon. Solar systems mainly offset your kWh usage.

Can solar eliminate my demand charges?

No, but switching to a solar-favorable utility rate can greatly reduce the rate of your demand charges. Remember, kW demand is based on how much energy you need at any given time- and that sets your demand charge for the month. So even if there is one cloudy hour in the month the kW demand that you need from the utility might be high.

How does Net Energy Metering (NEM) work?

Most utility companies offer some level of NEM. If your solar system produces more energy than you need within a given month, the utility company will use that energy for the grid. They will then apply the excess to months where you fell short on production. This is given as a credit on your bill – typically once a year (called the “true-up period”). The rate at which the utility will credit you for the excess energy you produced varies.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A PPA is like having a private solar utility company.  It is an agreement in which you negotiate a set per kWh rate for your solar energy for a term of 20 years. This rate will be less than the rate charged by your utility company. You do not own or lease the equipment installed on your property. PPAs include a guaranteed amount of kWh production from your solar system.

Why is The Solar Legacy just for non-profit organizations?

Corporations and for-profit entities can recover up to 65% of their solar system cost through tax credits. Non-profit organizations cannot do this- which is why solar has typically been out of reach for them financially. Through the unique structure of the Solar Legacy Program, your equipment is owned by a 3rd party who takes the tax credits (and responsibility of maintenance and guarantees) while you enjoy the benefits of dramatically lowered utility costs for your organization.  Additionally, the Solar Legacy PPA has been structured to offer non-profits a substantial upfront cash savings not available with traditional PPAs.  This allows non-profits to experience the significant upfront benefits offered to for-profit organizations for going solar.

What is a PACE Lien?

The Solar Legacy Program is a PACE-backed PPA.  PACE is an acronym for Property Assessed Clean Energy. It is a State of California program that lends money to property owners for energy-efficient upgrades, including solar systems.

The loan is based on the equity of your building, rather than credit-based lending. The lien is a “tax assessment” lien that is not like a traditional deed of trust.  It is not attached to the title in the same manner a mortgage is. It doesn’t cloud title the way traditional liens do.  Additionally, payments and rates are fixed.  You will receive a bill for the fixed loan payments from the County Assessor’s office semi-annually for a term of 20 years. Through the Solar Legacy PPA, the PACE lending benefits allow us to offer our services to an entirely new segment of the marketplace that has been overlooked by credit-based lending for years.

How does a Power Production Guarantee work?

Your solar system produces energy we measure in kWh. How much kWh offset the system provides will dictate how much money you can save on your bills. Our modeling tools use National Energy Labs weather stations to accurately predict the expected weather patterns that can affect production in your geographic region. The PPA contract that the Solar Legacy Program utilizes guarantees that your system will produce a certain amount of energy on an annual basis, and if it does not, they will write you a check for the difference.

Our Mission is to Power Yours

Solar Will Improve the Financial Power of Your Charitable Mission

Tell us about your charity mission and your property location. We are happy to meet you in person and present you a complete proposal for solar plus The Solar Legacy PPA Financing.

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